I don’t know why LinkTree banned me for having one link to a charity listing website. Or maybe there was something about this website or blog that they didn’t like? Who knows.

Trusting any company to look after your main bio is a bad idea, as it appears they can just remove it any time they like, for no reason at all.

What is more annoying than anything, is I had no communication at all from LinkTree before I naively tried to contact them about their “mistake”. This is not how you run a business. “Trust us with your links” they say. No. Don’t trust LinkTree at all!.

It is quite disconcerting, and making me realise how precarious the situation is when you put your digital trust in services that can be removed at an instance for no known reason.

After investing in getting people to link to somewhere for convenience it is disgraceful how they can simply disable it permanetly for no reason. I was not told anything like “this link is unacceptable” and them turning off the link. (I don’t believe there were any links that could possibly be unacceptable to anyone on my profiles.) Not only was my whole profile removed, but both the profiles I had were removed. It makes no sense to me for them to say that I had “a link or links” that violated their community standards, or why would all my profiles be removed at the same time. They haven’t responded to my question asking “Which links and why?”

I see LinkTree are encouraging charities to use their service. This is concerning.

Let’s decentralise the net