1. They support woodoo like chinese medicine, which advocates “herbal medicine” (which isn’t medicine) and the discreditted practise of acupuncture.

  2. They repeatedly promote the company Neal’s Yard Remedies which has a dubious history and still sells homeopathy products which are scientifically proven to be useless.

  3. They have a history rooted in the totally unscientific nonsense of Rudolf Steiner, and his ideas are still part of the company’s governing policies.

  4. They admit to making loans to churches that engage with children as young as six (!) in ‘games, teaching, discussion and prayer, learning what it means to follow Jesus’ as part of their policy of loaning to faith groups.

Triodos do a lot of very good things, like financing solar farms, but I’m not sure if it makes up for the unscientific (which means roughly “incorrect”) and potentially very dangerously issues above.